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Soft Ticks

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Mono Lake bird tickMono Lake bird tickSwallow tick
The Mono Lake bird tick, Argas monolakensis (Acari: Argasidae), a soft or argasid tick and potential vector of Mono Lake virus.Another view of the Mono Lake bird tick.The swallow tick, Ornithodoros concanensis (Acari: Argasidae), a soft or argasid tick found in association with swallows and their nests.
Swallow tickRelapsing fever tickParker's relapsing fever tick
Another view of the swallow tick.Parker's relapsing fever tick, Ornithodoros parkeri (Acari: Argasidae), a vector of relapsing fever.Ventral view of Parker's relapsing fever tick.
Relapsing fever tickRelapsing fever tickRelapsing fever tick
The relapsing fever tick, Ornithodoros turicata (Acari: Argasidae), a major vector of relapsing fever.Another view of the relapsing fever tick, Ornithodoros turicata.The relapsing fever tick, Ornithodoros turicata, shown on a fingertip to indicate size.
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