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Images for Sale

Dr. Castner’s images of insects, rainforests, tropical agriculture, medicinal plants, arthropod pests, disease vectors, fungi, lichens, and plants and animals in general have long been used to illustrate textbooks and magazines. The viewer may see their beauty and unique pedagogical value by browsing through the sample galleries.  Requests for images of specific subjects should be directed to jamelcastner@gmail.com.

Permissions for the use of most images is based on a one-time, non-exclusive, usage in a particular medium such as book, CD/DVD, or website. Other terms, including exclusive usage, may be negotiated. Permission fees will depend on the rights requested and ultimate usage of the images. Requests for fee information should be directed to jameslcastner@gmail.com.

It should be noted that the galleries on this website represent only a small portion of the images that Dr. Castner has taken over the years since he  started with biological photography as an undergraduate student at Rutgers. The generous and mentoring attitude of Dr. Elton Hansen, a medical entomologist and his major professor, has had a lasting effect on his life and professional career.

Since Dr. Castner's images number in the tens of thousands, the galleries are best used as as examples of the types of images available and their quality. They are not a definitive list. Any specific request or question should be directed to jameslcastner@gmail.com. Specific organisms or biological processes are often shot on request for clients with particular needs and facing deadlines.

Please call or email Dr. Castner for image prices and obtaining permissions. In most cases a high-resolution scan can be provided quickly when the original is a 35mm color slide. The use of any image is for one-time non-exclusive rights, unless otherwise stated in the written agreement.