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Entomology Photo Atlas Photographic Atlas of Entomology
and Guide to Insect Identification

Standard college textbook also widely used by lay readers interested in insect identification and natural history.
Botany Photo Atlas Photographic Atlas of Botany
and Guide to Plant Identification

Another highly readable college text that has gained wide acceptance among Master Gardeners and plant enthusiasts.
Forensic Insect CardsForensic Insect Field Identification Cards
Pocket-size laminated cards for preliminary field ID of death scene insects.
Amazon InsectsAmazon Insects - A Photo Guide
Reference guide featuring photos of insects likely to be encountered along Amazonian trails.
Medicinal Plants Field Guide to Medicinal and Useful Plants
of the Upper Amazon

Photo guide for those with an interest in Amazonian ethnobotany and indigenous agriculture.
Rainforest Learning Center The Amazon Rainforest - A Learning Center for Secondary School Students
Rainforest facts for students and teachers, presented as a learning center.
Explorama's AmazonExplorama's Amazon -
A Journey Through the Rainforest of Peru

Fascinating look at the species-rich jungles surrounding the Explorama Lodges in northeast Peru.
Rainforest Tourist Lodges Rainforests - A Guide to Research and Tourist Facilities at Selected Tropical Forest Sites in Central and South America
Detailed descriptions of facilities at neotropical sites from which research in tropical biology can be conducted. (Currently out of print.)
Shrunken HeadsShrunken Heads -
Tsantsa Trophies and Human Exotica

Definitive reference work and coffee-table book on the history, collection, and authentication of shrunken heads.
Tsantsa Homicides The Tsantsa Homicides
Novel involving insects, murder, a beautiful woman, and shrunken heads.
Overmodeled SkullsOvermodeled Skulls
Foremost book on the subject, edited by paleoepidemiologist and mummy authority Arthur C. Aufderheide. Dr. Castner was one of many contributors and distributes the book.