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Forensic Flies

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black blow-fly phormiabluebottle fly Calliphorabronzebottle fly Phaenicia
The black blow fly (Phormia regina), Calliphoridae: Diptera.The bluebottle fly (Calliphora vicina), Calliphoridae: Diptera.The bronzebottle fly (Phaenicia cuprina), Calliphoridae: Diptera.
carrion fly maggot massgreenbottle fly ovipositingred-tailed flesh fly
A 'maggot mass' or large group of larvae of carrion flies (Calliphoridae-Sarcophagidae-Muscidae) on animal remains.A greenbottle fly (Phaenicia coeruleiviridis), Calliphoridae: Diptera, laying eggs or ovipositing.  A large cluster of eggs have accumulated.A red-tailed flesh fly (Sarcophaga bullata), Sarcophagidae: Diptera, one of the larger flies attracted to human remains.
secondary screwworm flysheep blow fly Phaeniciashiny bluebottle fly
The secondary screwworm fly (Cochliomyia macellaria), Calliphoridae: Diptera, with characteristic three stripes on the dorsum.The sheep blow fly (Phaenicia sericata), Calliphoridae: Diptera.The shiny bluebottle fly (Cynomyopsis cadaverina), Calliphoridae: Diptera.
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