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Shrunken Heads

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bald non-ceremonial shrunken headfeather headdress shrunken head federation authentic shrunken head 
A non-ceremonial human shrunken head that bears some of the traits found on an authentic tsantsa. Non-ceremonial human shrunken heads are often adorned with features not found on ceremonial tsantsas, such as a feathered headdress. A tsantsa showing the classic profile, long hair, feather earrings, and lip strings consistent with a ceremonial shrunken head or cabeza reducida. 
nose-string shrunken head ornate ceremonial shrunken head peg lips shrunken head 
A very unusual non-ceremonial human shrunken head with a cord inserted through the nose. A fabulously decorated tsantsa with authentic adornments but attached in non-traditional areas of the head. A rare ceremonial tsantsa still retaining the sharpened chonta wood pegs that were used to secure the lips shut.
short-hair shrunken head textile earrings shrunken head white-hair shrunken head 
A beautifully crafted non-ceremonial human shrunken head that retained the facial features almost perfectly. A unique ceremonial tsantsa with textile and feather earrings that bear locks of human hair in them.An excellently prepared non-ceremonial human shrunken head mounted on a pedestal in a manner that was once common.
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