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Mimicry and Camouflage 1

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ambush bugs Florida bumpy longhorn beetle Trinidad crab spider Florida 

A pair of ambush bugs (Phymatidae) perch among the nectaries of a wild poinsettia plant in Florida. 

A camouflaged long-horned wood-boring beetle (Cerambycidae) from Trinidad.A crab spider sits hidden, poised to attack a pollinator attracted to the flower. 
lichen katydid Amazon Peru lichen walkingstick Amazon Peru mottled Sphinx moth Trinidad 
An Amazonian katydid (Acanthodis sp.) on the trunk of a rainforest tree. An amazingly cryptic walkingstick is invisible on a lichen covered twig in a rainforest in the Amazon Basin of Peru. A mottled sphinx moth on a dappled tree trunk in Trinidad.
speckled grasshopper Costa Rica unicorn caterpillar Florida yellow-brown mantis Amazon Peru 
An immature short-horned grasshopper on a sandy beach in Costa Rica. A unicorn caterpillar (Notodontidae) blends in with the diseased edge of a leaf on a tree in Florida. A praying mantis camouflaged on the forest floor in the Amazon Basin of Peru. 
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